File Format for Groups or Roles

Article Number:020147

This page describes the format of a file for adding or changing groups (or roles).
For details on how to import a file, refer to the following page:
Creating and Editing Groups (Roles) in Bulk

Each row contains the information of one group (or role).

Example File Created to Import Groups (or Roles)
Group Code Name New Group Code Membership Description To Be Deleted Flag
grp001 Head office * static Head office employees group *
grp002 Temporary staff * dynamic Temporary staff group *
Fields and Their Values
Field Name Required Description
Group Code
  • When registering a new group:
    Enter a text string that is not used for any existing groups.
  • When changing existing group code:
    Specify an existing group code in "Group Code". Specify the modified group code in "New Group Code".
  • When changing information other than a group code:
    Specify an existing group code in "Group Code". Enter "*" in "New Group Code".
Name The group name cannot overlap with that of another group.
New Group Code Describe the "modified group code" when changing the "group code" of a registered group.
When you leave the "group code" unchanged, enter "*" or the "current group code".
Membership Specify either "static" (for static group) or "dynamic" (for dynamic group).
Description   Specify the description of the group (or role).
To Be Deleted   Specify "1" to delete the group (or role).
Specify an asterisk (*) or leave blank to add or update the group (or role).