Changing Your Login Name and Password

Article Number:020407

This page describes how to change the login name and password.

Changing Your Login Name and Password

  1. Click icon to open menu on the right side of the user name in the header.

  2. Click Account Settings.

  3. Click Login Name & Password.
    Screenshot: "Login Name & Password" is highlighted

  4. Change login name and/or password.
    Screenshot: The fields to use for changing passwords are highlighted

To Change the Login Name

For available characters allowed for the login name, refer to Rules for Login Name.

  1. Click Edit icon in the "Login Name" section.
  2. Enter a new login name.
  3. Click Save.

To Change the Password

For available characters allowed for the password, refer to Rules for Password.

  1. In "Change Password" section, enter old and new passwords.
  2. Click Save.

When You Cannot Change Your Login Name or Password

If one of the following applies, Kintone Users & System Administrator did not permit users to change their login names or passwords.

  • The Edit icon icon is not displayed in the "Login Name" field
  • The "To change your password, contact your administrator." message appears

Screenshot: Indicating that you need to contact your administrator to change the password

If you want your login name or password to be changed, contact your Kintone Users & System Administrator.