Searching Users and Groups

Article Number:020258

This page describes a feature that searches for users and groups.

Searching for a User

You can search for users in "Departments & Users".

Screenshot: A screen to configure departments and users. Searching for a target user

The following items will be searched.

  • Display Name
  • Phonetic Surname
  • Phonetic Given Name
  • Login Name
  • Localized Name

Searching for a Group

You can search for a group in the "Groups (or Roles) & Members" screen. The following items can be searched.

  • Name
  • Group Code

Characters That Are Not Distinguished When Searching for Users and Groups supports the input of UTF-8 (Unicode) characters. When display names of users and group names include diacritical marks and accents, those characters are converted to their base form when they are searched.

Diacritical marks and accents refer to the followings:

  • Umlaut (such as German and Swedish)
  • Grave accent (such as Italian and French)
  • Circumflex (such as French and Portuguese)
  • Voiced sound mark and semi-voiced sound mark (Japanese)

In addition, the following characters are not distinguished when they are searched:

  • Capital letters and small letters of the alphabet
  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Full-width Katakana and half-width Katakana