Cannot Access the Kintone Administration Screen Because the Administrator Left the Company

Article Number:020264

This section provides solutions to the issues that you cannot access the Kintone Administration screen for some reason, for example because the former administrator left the company.

If You Know the Former Administrator's Account

If you know the former administrator's e-mail account and login name for Kintone, try to reset the password.

  1. On the login screen, click "Having Trouble Logging In?".
    Screenshot: "Having Trouble Logging In?" is highlighted

  2. Enter the former administrator's e-mail address and click Reset Password.
    If the e-mail address input screen is not displayed, proceed to "If you do not know the former administrator's account".
    Screenshot: Resetting the password by entering an e-mail address

  3. You will receive an e-mail describing the way to reset the password.
    If you cannot receive e-mails, proceed to "If you do not know the former administrator's account".

  4. Click the URL shown in the e-mail to reset the password.

  5. Set your new password.
    Once you click "Save", the login screen appears.

  6. Using the former administrator's login name and the new password, log in to Kintone.

  7. Register new administrators.
    To avoid the situation where an administrator cannot log in, we recommend you to register multiple administrators.
    For details, refer to "Adding Users to the Kintone Users & System Administrators".

  8. Log out from Kintone.

  9. Using the newly registered administrator account, log in to Kintone.

  10. Deactivate the former administrator's account.
    Deactivating or Reactivating Users

  11. Check whether the deletion of the former administrator's account causes any problem.
    What Happens to Data When a User Is Deleted?

  12. Delete the former administrator's account if necessary.
    Deleting Users

If You Do Not Know the Former Administrator's Account

Please contact us.