Adding Users

Article Number:020218

Add users who will use Kintone.
This topic describes how to add users one by one.

To register multiple users in bulk, import a CSV file to add users at a time.
Creating and Editing Users in Bulk

Notes for Administrators When Setting Passwords

When setting user passwords in Kintone Users & System Administration, the password policy settings are not applied.
Set a password with sufficient digits and complexity according to the following topic:
Rules for Password

Steps to Add a User

  1. Click gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click "Users & System Administration".

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Example of menu

  4. Check that the required departments exist in the list of departments.
    You will use department information when configuring the department of the user.
    Add departments, if necessary.
    Adding Departments

  5. Expand the department tree, and select a department to which you want to add a user.
    Setting screen of the Departments & Users

  6. Click New User. Example of menu

  7. Fill in the fields as needed.
    For details, refer to the following page:
    User Details Fields
    Example of items

    Description of Major Fields
    Field Name Description
    Display Name Name of the user displayed in Kintone.
    Usage Example of Display Names
    Login Name An identifier used to log in to Kintone.
    Rules for Login Name
    E-mail Address An e-mail address to send or receive e-mail for the services
    Use this e-mail address when you reset your password.
    Do not register an e-mail address that are shared by multiple users.
    Status Ensure that this is set to "Active".
    If this is set to "Inactive", the user cannot use Kintone.
    Available Services A list of services for which the license is available or a trial has been signed up for.
    Select the check boxes of the services that you want to allow the user to use.
    Service Availability
  8. Click Save.
    The "Create Password" dialog box appears.

  9. Select an entry method and set a new password for the user.

    Select "Disable password expiration" as needed.
    Selecting this option disables the password expiration for the selected user, regardless of the password policy setting.

  10. Save the password.
    To inform the user of the login information via e-mail, refer to Sending Password and Login Information via E-mail.
    Click Settings to send the information by other means than e-mail.

  11. Click Save.
    "New User" page

  12. Inform the added users that the service becomes available.
    Notify them to read the following article:
    Steps to Get Started with Kintone (for Users)
    Also, information on access control should be provided to users if required.

Generating a Password Automatically

When you select "Generate automatically", a password is generated using random characters.
"Create Password" dialog

To check the generated password, select "Show password".
Image showing the password

Entering a Password Manually

Select Enter manually in the "Create Password" dialog box.
"Create Password" dialog

Sending Password and Login Information via E-mail

  1. On the "Create Password" dialog box, click Create and Send via E-mail. Saving password and notifying the user of the change by e-mail
  2. In the recipient field of the dialog that is displayed, enter an e-mail address to use to send the password.
    In the recipient field, the e-mail address that is registered in the user details is entered.
    You can change the recipient as needed.
  3. Edit the body text as needed, and clickSend.

    "Send Password via E-mail" dialog