Changing Profiles

Article Number:020412

This page describes the steps to change your own profile.
For the steps to change the login name or password, refer to the following page:
Changing Your Login Name and Password

  1. Click icon to open menu for the user name in the header.

  2. Click Account Settings.

  3. Click Edit icon of the data to edit.
    Profile Fields Screenshot: Edit icon is highlighted

  4. Click Save.

Profile Fields

About Me

Enter a message to other users who see your profile.

Display Name

Display name is a name of the user that will appear in Kintone.
Enter the name or nickname you want.

Primary Department

Primary Department is a feature that enables you to specify a preferred department to be displayed on the screen as a first choice.
If you belong to multiple departments, configuring a Primary Department enables you to indicate your main department.

E-mail Address

Enter an e-mail address to be used for password resets and the recipient of e-mail notifications.

If You Cannot Edit the Field

If you encounter the following situations, your administrator may have configured the fields non-editable. Users cannot edit the contents of the fields.

  • The fields themselves are not visible.
  • Even if Edit icon is displayed in Profile screen, icon indicating non-editable fields is displayed in the edit screen for profiles.
    • Example of Profile Screen:
      Screenshot: Edit icon is highlighted
    • Example of Edit Profile Screen:
      Screenshot: A non-editable icon is displayed for a field you cannot edit

Ask your administrator if you need to edit the field.
Making Fields in Profile Editable