Department Information Fields

Article Number:020460

This page describes the fields you can configure as department information.


Display Name

Enter a department name. You can enter up to 128 characters.

Localized Name

Other than the display name, you can specify another department name. You can enter up to 128 characters.


If the following settings are configured, "Sales.Div" is displayed to users whose display language is set to English.

Display Name
Sales Department
Localized Name
English (US) : Sales.Div

Department Code

A string to identify the department. You can enter up to 128 characters.

You cannot set a department code that is identical to another department.

When Automatically Created by the System

If you save the department without entering the department code, the system configures the department code. The department code can be changed later, if necessary.

Parent Department

You configure it when you create a department hierarchy.
Changing Department Hierarchy


Enter the information such as a description of the department and the attributes of its members. You can enter up to 1,000 characters.

Only Kintone Users & System Administrators can check this description.