What Is the Administrator Account?

Article Number:0209

An Administrator is a special user registered by the system automatically.

Limitations and Characteristics of the Administrator Account

The Administrator account has the following characteristics and limitations:

  • The Administrator account cannot be deleted.
  • The Administrator account cannot be removed from the Kintone Users & System Administrators.
  • The Administrator account does not consume your license.

Can We Use the Administrators as Normal Users?

Administrator is used for specific functions.

Please refrain from changing the user information or using it as an application user.
The status of the Administrator should be kept in "Inactive" unless otherwise instructed.

Changing Status of Administrator to "Active"

To use specific functions, follow the steps below to change the status of the Administrator to "Active".
  1. Click the gear-shaped menu button in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Screenshot: "Departments & Users" is highlighted

  4. Click the Change button. Screenshot: The Change button is highlighted

  5. Click Inactive in the Status section.
    Ensure that it is changed to Active.
    Screenshot: Status is highlighted

  6. Click Change Password.

  7. On the "Change Password" dialog box, set a password for the Administrator account.
    For details, refer to the following page:
    Changing User Passwords

  8. Click Save.