Adding Different Department Administrator by a Department Administrator

Article Number:020435

A department administrator can add new department administrators for the following departments.

  • Departments for which the department administrator has administrative privileges
  • Child departments of departments for which the department administrator has administrative privileges
  1. Access the following URL: https://(subdomain_name)

  2. Click Administration.
    Screenshot: Kintone Users & System Administration button

  3. Click Departments & Users.
    Screenshot: "Departments & Users" is highlighted

  4. On the target department, click gear shaped icon .

  5. Click Department Administrators.
    Department Administrators is only visible for the departments with administrative privilege.
    Screenshot: how to find and click "Department Administrators" in the target department

  6. Select users to add as the department administrators using one of the following methods, and click the names of the users.

    • Method 1: Open the department tree and select a department to which your target users belong
      Select "Unassigned Users" when you want users who do not belong to any department. Screenshot: Displaying target users in the department tree
    • Method 2: Search user name
      Screenshot: Displaying target users by searching them
  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Provide the usage information and other necessary information to the newly added department administrators as needed.