File Format for Departments

Article Number:020151

This page describes the format of a file for adding or changing departments. Each row contains the information of one department.

Example File Created to Import Departments
Department Code Display Name New Department Code Localized Name Language for Localized Name Parent Department Code Description
org001 Sales Division * Sales Department en    
org002 Sales Dept 1 * Sales Dept#1 en org001 Target industry: Manufacturing
org003 Sales Dept 2 * Sales Dept#2 en org001 Target industry: Finance

Fields and Their Values
Field Name Required Description
Department Code
  • When registering a new department:
    Enter a string that does not conflict with existing departments.
  • When changing an existing department code:
    Specify an existing department code in "Department Code". Enter the modified department code in "New Department Code".
  • When changing information other than a department code:
    Specify an existing department code in "Department Code". Enter "*" in "New Department Code".
Display Name  
New Department Code Describe the "modified department code" when changing the "department code" of a registered department.
When you leave the "department code" unchanged, enter "*" or the "current department code".
Localized Name   If you specify "Localized Name", you must also specify "Language of Localized Name".
Language of Localized Name   Specify one of the following:
  • Japanese: ja
  • English: en
  • Simplified Chinese: zh
  • Traditional Chinese: zh-TW
Parent Department Code   Leave this field blank to set the department as a top-level department.
To set the department as a child department, specify the department code of the parent department. The row of a parent department must precede the rows of its child departments.
Description   Specify the description of the department.