System Time Zone

Article Number:020115

Configure the time zone used by the Kintone system.

The Time Zone Configured When Using Trial or Purchasing the Service

The time zone is configured based on the country you selected while applying for trial.

Items for Which System Time Zone Is Used

Item 1: Audit Logs

The system time zone is used for the date and time of generated logs.

Screenshot: The audit log screen. Date and Time is highlighted.

Item 2: User Information

The system time zone is used for the default time zone.

Screenshot: Change User Information screen. The time zone is highlighted.

Item 3: A File for User Information

If the user time zone is not specified, the system time zone is used.

Screenshot: A screen of Excel. The time zone is highlighted.

Changing System Time Zone

  1. Click the gear-shaped menu button in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.

  3. Click Locale.

  4. In "Time Zone", select your time zone.
    List of Time Zones Screenshot: "Time Zone" is highlighted

  5. Click Save.