Inviting Team Members During Your First Login

When you log in to Kintone for the first time after requesting for 30-Day Free Trial, the "Welcome to Kintone!" screen appears. You can invite your team members from this screen.
Invite members from your department or projects to try data sharing and communication through Kintone.

  1. Click "Next" and continue to follow the instructions on the page.
    Welcome page

  2. When the "Invite your team members" screen appears, enter the e-mail addresses and names of those you want to invite.
    The invitation e-mail is sent to the specified addresses. You can skip this team member invitation step.
    Inviting team members

  3. When the "Invitation email has been sent!" message appears, the invitation process is completed.
    Click "Next" to start the tutorial.
    Sending an invitation e-mail