Changing Annual Payment to Monthly Payment

Article Number:0303

This section describes the steps to change the payment method for Kintone to a monthly payment.

When You Can Change the Payment Method

You can change the annual payment to monthly only during the last month of your service period.
If the service period is "January 1 to December 31", you can change the payment method to monthly during "December 1 to December 31".


  1. Display the subscription details.
    Changing the Contract

  2. In the "Products" section, click Change Plan. Screenshot: "Change Plan" is highlighted

  3. Select "Kintone Professional Monthly" and enter the number of licensed users.
    The number of licensed users must be greater than or equal to the number of Kintone users.
    Screenshot: "Kintone Professional Monthly" is highlighted

  4. Check your entries, then click Next.

  5. Check the fee.

  6. Click Submit.