To Receive an E-Mail to Set Initial Password

Article Number:03042

You must arrange to receive an e-mail from to perform a "Set Initial Password" action when you encounter one of the following situations:

  • Inadvertently closed the web browser before the "Set Initial Password" screen is displayed
  • Clicked Finish it later
    Screenshot: "Finish it later" is highlighted
  • An "Oops! Something went wrong" error is displayed Screenshot: Error dialog

To Receive an E-Mail from to Set Initial Password

  1. An e-mail is sent to the e-mail address specified in the form during signing up to the trial.
    Open the e-mail and click "Get Started". Screenshot: E-mail sample The link expires in 24 hours after receiving the e-mail.
    If an error occurs after you clicked the link, refer to "When the Initial Password Cannot Be Set Message Is Displayed".
    If you cannot receive the e-mail, Contact Us.

  2. In the "Set Initial Password" screen, set a new password and click Set Password.
    Screenshot: Setting the initial password

  3. Enter the e-mail address you specified during the sign-up for the trial and the new password you specified in step 2, and click Login.
    Screenshot: Login screen