To Receive an E-Mail to Set Initial Password

Article Number:03042

You must arrange to receive an e-mail from to perform a "Set Initial Password" action when you encounter one of the following situations:

  • Inadvertently closed the web browser before the "Set Initial Password" screen is displayed
  • Clicked Finish it later
    Image that shows a link
  • An "Oops! Something went wrong" error is displayed Image that shows an error dialog

To Receive an E-Mail from to Set Initial Password

  1. An e-mail is sent to the e-mail address specified in the form during signing up to the trial.
    Open the e-mail and click Get Started. Image that shows a link in the e-mail The link expires in 24 hours after receiving the e-mail.
    If an error occurs after you clicked the link, refer to "When the Initial Password Cannot Be Set Message Is Displayed".
    If you cannot receive the e-mail, Contact Us.

  2. In the "Set Initial Password" screen, set a new password and click Set Password.
    Image of setting initial password
    The Kintone login screen appears.

  3. Enter the e-mail address you specified during the sign-up for the trial and the new password you specified in step 2, and click Login.
    Login screen
    The Kintone portal screen appears.

  4. Configure settings necessary to get started.
    Things You Need to Do after Logging in To Kintone