Using the Kintone Free Trial

Article Number:03040

A free trial of Kintone can be used for 30 days.
The person who signed up is automatically set as the Kintone Users & System Administrator.

Signing up for Trial

  1. Go to "Start Using Kintone for Free".

  2. Enter the required information using alphanumeric characters.
    Please follow the instructions on the screen to enter the required information. "*" indicates a required field.

    Screen of free trial sign-up

  3. Select "I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy." and click Sign Up.
    Image of Sign Up displayed

  4. Wait until Kintone is ready. Image of a dialog displayed on the screen while waiting for Kintone to be ready
    If you clicked Finish it later or closed the browser inadvertently, you must arrange to receive a necessary e-mail from to perform a "Set Initial Password" action.
    To Receive an E-Mail from to Set Initial Password

  5. On the "Set Initial Password" screen displayed, enter a new password and click Set Password.
    Screen for setting the initial password
    The Kintone login screen appears.

  6. Enter the e-mail address you specified during the sign-up for the free trial and the new password you specified in step 5, and click Login.
    Login screen
    The Kintone portal screen appears.

Things You Need to Do after Logging in To Kintone

  1. Add the Kintone URL to your favorites.
    Screen to add the URL to Favorites
    For operations on different Web browsers, refer to the following:

  2. Configure the settings necessary to get started, such as user settings and password policy.
    For details, see to Steps to Get Started (for Administrator).

  3. Add Kintone Users & System Administrators.
    If there is only one Kintone Users & System Administrator and the Kintone Users & System Administrator leaves the company, no one will be able to configure Kintone.
    Please assign users to whom can leave the configuration of Kintone as Kintone Users & System Administrators.