Using the Kintone Free Trial

Article Number:03040

A free trial of Kintone can be used for 30 days.
The person who signed up is automatically set as the Kintone Users & System Administrator.

Signing up for Trial

  1. Go to "Start Your 30-Day Free Trial".

  2. Enter the required information using alphanumeric characters.
    Please follow the instructions on the screen to enter the required information. "*" indicates a required field.
    Screenshot: Free trial form

  3. Select "I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy." and click Sign Up.
    Screenshot: "I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. " and "Sign Up" are displayed

  4. Wait until Kintone is ready. Screenshot: A dialog displayed on the screen while Kintone is getting ready
    If you clicked Finish it later or closed the web browser inadvertently, you must arrange to receive an e-mail from to "Set Initial Password".
    To Receive an E-Mail from to Set Initial Password

  5. On the "Set Initial Password" screen displayed, enter a new password and click Set Password.
    Screenshot: Setting the initial password
    The Kintone login screen appears.

  6. Enter the e-mail address you specified during the sign-up for the free trial and the new password you specified in step 5, and click Login.
    Screenshot: Login screen
    The Kintone portal screen appears.

Things You Need to Do after Logging in To Kintone

  1. Add the Kintone URL to your favorites.
    Screenshot: Adding URL as a bookmark on the web browser
    For operations on different Web browsers, see the following:

  2. Configure the settings necessary to get started, such as user settings and password policy.
    For details, see to Steps to Get Started (for Administrator).

  3. Add Kintone Users & System Administrators.
    If there is only one Kintone Users & System Administrator and the Kintone Users & System Administrator leaves the company, no one will be able to configure Kintone.
    Please assign users to whom can leave the configuration of Kintone as Kintone Users & System Administrators.