FAQ Related to Kintone Free Trial

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Here are some FAQs about the Kintone free trial .

How Many Users and Which Features Can I Use during the Free Trial?

During the free trial period, you can use Kintone with an unlimited number of users.
Customization such as API integration and using JavaScript is also available.
In the Kintone Users & System administration page, you can check the maximum number of Apps and Spaces that you can create.
Screenshot: The maximum numbers of Apps and Spaces to be created are highlighted

The maximum number is different depending on the subscription of your contract.
See Kintone Pricing for details.

Can the Trial Period of Kintone Be Extended?

Basically, the trial period ends in 30 days.
If you need to extend your trial period, Contact Us before your trial period ends.
You cannot extend the trial period of Kintone whose trial has already expired.

Can I Restart Kintone Trial?

You can sign up for a Kintone free trial as many times as you want, even after your previous trial has expired.
However, the following data will not be inherited to the trial version of Kintone.

  • Kintone data you created in the past
  • Current data stored in the licensed Kintone

Create necessary data in the new Kintone and start your free trial.
Using the Kintone Free Trial

Can I Use Guest Spaces during My Trial Period?

Create a Guest Space and invite the guest users you need to invite.
However, the Guest Space will become unavailable after the end of the trial period of Kintone.
The subscription of Kintone must be purchased to continue using the Guest Space.

What Happens to the Data I Created after My Trial Ends?

If no purchasing of Kintone is made, created data will be deleted automatically after a certain period.
Deleted data cannot be recovered.
You can continue to use the data you created during the trial if you complete the purchasing process within 30 days after the trial ends.

Can I Continue to Use Kintone Data I Used during the Trial Period after Purchasing the Service?

If you want to continue to use the data you created during your trial period in your purchased service, complete the purchasing process within one of the following periods.

  • during the free trial period
  • within 30 days since the end of the trial period

Can I Purchase Right Away, without Using the Free Trial?

You must use a trial version of Kintone before starting a purchasing process.