FAQ Related to Guest User Trial

Article Number:03024

Here are some FAQs about the guest user trial.

Can a Guest User Use a Trial?

Yes, a trial is possible.
The free trial period starts automatically when the invited guest user logs in to the guest space for the first time.

  1. Steps to be taken by the by inviting member: Create a guest space in Kintone.
    Adding a guest space
  2. Steps to be taken by the by inviting member: Invite the guest user to the guest space.
    Guest Management (Inviting Guests)
  3. Steps to be taken by the guest user: Receive the invitation e-mail.
  4. Steps to be taken by the guest user: Join the guest space from URL given in the invitation e-mail.
    Guest Actions: Login Process for Guests

How Long Is the Guest User Trial Period?

The free trial period is 30 days starting from the first login as a guest user.

I Want to Check the Expiration Date of the Guest User's Trial

You can check the trial expiration date in the "Guest User Management" screen of Kintone System Administration.
Refer to How to Check Name and Status of Guest Users for details.

Guest user trial has expired. Can the Guest User Restart the Trial?

Yes. Take following steps to restart a trial.

  1. Delete the guest user that wants to be restarted.
    Before deleting, make a note of the e-mail address of that guest user.
    Deleting a Guest

  2. Send an invitation e-mail to the e-mail address noted in step 1.
    E-mail address used in the past will be treated as a new guest user when restarted.
    Guest Management (Inviting Guests)

What Happens to a Guest User Whose Trial Has Expired?

Guest user account is treated as a target for billing when the trial period expires.
Moreover, license type displayed in "Guest user list" automatically changes from "Trial" to "Required".
Screenshot: License type is highlighted

Even though the license type gets changed to "Required", billing will not commence without the completion of the purchasing process.
Guest users can access the guest space even during the period until purchasing process is completed.
However, if the purchasing process is not completed after a certain period of time, the service will become inactive.

If you want to continue using the services as a guest user even after free trial period is over, carry out the Guest Account License purchasing process.
Purchasing a Guest Account License

There Are Unwanted Guest Users. What Are the Recommended Solutions?

For unused guest users whose free trial period has expired, either change status of such guest user to "inactive", or delete the user.
Changing the Status of a Guest
Deleting a Guest