How to Check the Number of Licensed Users and the Number of Application Users

Article Number:03011

The number of licensed users and the number of application users can be checked on the Kintone Users & System Administration screen.

  1. Click the gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Image that shows how the administration screen is displayed

  3. Check the number of users "Current" and "Limit" on the "Subscription Details" screen.
    Image that shows the number of licensed users and application users

    • a: The number of users in the "Current" column indicates the number of application users.
      Application users are users who satisfy all the following conditions:
      • User's whose information is registered in Kintone Users & System Administration.
      • Users who have selected "Kintone" in "Available Services"
      • User whose status is set to "Active"
        Example of a User
    • b: The "Limit" column indicates the number of licensed users.
      A licensed user is the usage tier of the user whose purchase procedure has been completed.
      The billing for is based on the number of licensed users.
      Example of a Licensed User

Users Not Counted as Licensed Users

The following users are not included as application users or licensed users.

  • Users who have not selected "Kintone" in "Available Services"
    Example of a User
  • Administrator
    Administrator is a special user that is registered automatically when you create a domain.
    You cannot choose Administrator as an application user because Administrator is used by the system.
    What is the Administrator? Example of a User