How to Confirm the Number of Licensed Users and the Number of Application Users

Article Number:03011

The number of licensed users and the number of application users can be checked on the Kintone Users & System Administration screen.

  1. Click the gear shaped administration menu icon in the header.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    Accessing Kintone Users & System Administration

  3. Check the number of users "Current" and "Limit" on the "Subscription Details" screen.
    Screenshot: "Current" and "Limit" are highlighted

    • a: The number of users in the "Current" column indicates the number of application users.
      Application users are users who satisfy all the following conditions:
      • User's whose information is registered in Kintone Users & System Administration.
      • Users who have selected "Kintone" in "Available Services"
      • User whose status is set to "Active"
        Screenshot: "Status" and "Available Services" are highlighted
    • b: The "Limit" column indicates the number of licensed users.
      A licensed user is the usage tier of the user whose purchasing procedure has been completed.
      The billing for is based on the number of licensed users.
      Screenshot: The number of users for whom a purchasing process has been completed is highlighted

Users Not Counted as Licensed Users

The following users are not included as application users or licensed users.

  • Users who have not selected "Kintone" in "Available Services"
    Screenshot: "Available Services" is highlighted
  • Administrator
    Administrator is a special user that is registered automatically when you create a domain.
    You cannot choose Administrator as an application user because Administrator is used by the system.
    What is the Administrator?