Displaying the Date That Is a Month (30 Days) from Today

You use the Calculated field to specify the number of days (30 days) from the base date for date calculation. By doing so, you can get the date that is a month from that base date.
This is useful when you need to calculate dates such as a trial end date and a contract expiration date.
* Note that you cannot automatically get the same day of next month.

Since dates and times are expressed in seconds in Kintone, you need to specify your formula in seconds as well.
(For example, enter "60" for 1 minute, "3600" or "60*60" for 1 hour.)

Place the Date field and the Calculated field and set them.

Setting the Date Field
Set a field code.
In this example, specify "Date" for the field code.

Setting the Calculated Field
You set the formula as follows.

  • Formula: Date+(60*60*24*30)
  • Display format: Date (Example: 2012-08-06)

* The number ("30") you specify in the formula varies depending on the number of days from the base date for date calculation.