Calculating the Date N Years Ago from the Specified Date

You can calculate the date N years ago from the specified date, assuming that one year is equal to 365 days.
In Kintone, the values in the date, time, and date and time fields are treated as UNIX time. That means the dates and the times are treated in seconds. Therefore, you need to specify your formula in seconds as well. For example, enter "60" to indicate one minute. Enter "3600" or "60*60" to indicate one hour, and enter "86400" or "60*60*24" to indicate one day.

  • To Calculate the Date Two Years Ago from the Date In "Date" Field

Place a "Calculated" field and create the following formula.

Formula: Date-(2*365*24*60*60)
Format: Date (Example: 2012-08-06)

Please note that this sample formula is not capable of calculating dates for leap year (366 days)