Update Records in Bulk: Editing a File

To update a large number of records in an app, export the records to a file and modify them, then import the records back to the app.

Notes on Editing Files

  • Note the followings regarding the lookup field.
    • Values in the lookup field can be updated in bulk only if every value of the Key Field is unique. In the Key Field setting, select "Prohibit duplicate values".
    • Value for a field that is specified as "Field Mappings" will be updated using the value for the lookup field. Therefore, you do not need to edit it in the file.
  • When you import a file, following fields are recalculated. Therefore, you do not need to edit it in the file.
    • Calculated field
    • Text field, when "Automatic Calculation" is set for that field.
  • When entering characters that are not Japanese and alphanumerical in files:
    Use software other than Excel such as Open Office Calc. Also, make sure that the character encoding is specified as "UTF-8" when you save the files. When you use the Japanese version of Excel to create CSV files, Shift JIS is used as the character encoding. This may cause characters other than Japanese and alphanumerical to become garbled.

Procedure (Editing with Excel)

This section explains how to edit a file that is to be used for the process of updating records in bulk. The operations may vary depending on which version of Excel you use.

  1. Export the records to be updated to a file.
    Exporting Data to a File
  2. Open the exported file in Excel.
  3. Edit the file to have its record data changed to the updated one.
    If you want to add new records to the file, add rows in Excel and enter record data.
    For details on supported format, see the following page:
    Supported Format in the File
    Supported Formats for Each Field Type
  4. Select the "Files" tab and click "Save".

With this, you are done editing the file.