Add Records in Bulk: Creating a File

When you create a large number of records, it is better to enter records in a file and import the file to the app rather than to enter records one by one in the app.
The file format can be any of the following:

  • Excel workbook

    • This format can be created by Microsoft Excel (hereafter called "Excel").
    • Up to 1,000 records can be created.
    • The maximum file size for import is 1 MB, and the file extension is to be ".xlsx".
  • CSV, TSV, or TXT format files

    • You can create CSV or TSV format files using spreadsheet software such as Excel or Open Office Calc, and create TXT format files using text editors.
    • Up to 100,000 records can be created.
    • The maximum file size for import is 100 MB.

Supported Format in the File

Enter the field names in the first row cells, and enter the values in the subsequent rows for each field.
Arrange it so that data in one row is to become one record. Picture

The supported format of values depends on the field type. For details, see "Supported Formats for Each Field Type".
For details on which kinds of data can be created or updated in bulk, see "Import/Export of App Data".

Steps (Using Excel)

This section describes how to create files using Excel for importing to apps. The way to save data may vary depending on which version of Excel you use.

  1. In an Excel worksheet, enter the record data that will be added to an app in bulk.
    For details on the supported format for each field type, see the following page:
    Supported Formats for Each Field Type

  2. Select the "Files" tab and click "Save As".

  3. Select "Excel Workbook" or "CSV (Comma delimited)" for "Save file as type".

  4. Specify the file name and the destination folder and click "Save".

With this, you are done creating the file to import.