I Cannot Receive E-mail Notifications

When you cannot receive e-mail notifications at all

Check Kintone Users & System Administration and Kintone System Administration about whether e-mail notifications are enabled.

Once you ensure that the Administration settings are configured correctly, next check your personal settings about whether E-mail Notifications is set to Never send notifications.

When you can receive some e-mail notifications but not others

E-mail notifications are available only for apps and spaces. Notifications (messages) from People cannot be sent via e-mail. If you cannot receive some e-mail notifications from apps or spaces, check the following settings:

Checking the settings in System Administration

  1. Open the System Administration screen.
    Opening the System Administration Screen

  2. From the Other category, click Feature Activation.

  3. Check the settings in E-mail Notifications.
    You may not receive some e-mail notifications if Send REST API notifications by e-mail is disabled. Enable the setting if you want to receive notifications by e-mail for REST API actions on Kintone.
    What Can I Do with Send REST API notifications by e-mail? メール通知の設定の画像

  4. Click Save if you changed any setting.

Checking your personal settings about which notifications to be received by e-mail

  1. Click Gear icon in the upper-right of the screen, and then click Personal Settings. 個人設定を開く画面
  2. Check the E-mail Notifications setting.
    If Send only notifications where I am mentioned is selected, notifications are not sent to you by e-mail unless you are specified as a recipient. Select Send me all notifications if you want to receive all notifications by e-mail. 個人設定のメール通知画面
  3. Click Save if you changed any setting.