Configuring Spaces

Configuring a space is allowed only to the administrators of the space.

When a space administrator opens a space and click the option button Option button on the upper right of the screen, following menus are displayed to that administrator, allowing that administrator to change space settings.

  • Manage Members
  • Space Settings

Space administrator can be specified by clicking Manage Members.
Space name can be changed by clicking Space Settings.

Open the menu to change space configuration

Managing Members

Use the Members tab to change the members or administrators of the space.

  • To add a member, use Search Users to find the member.
  • To delete a member, click the Delete icon Delete icon.
  • To specify a member as a space administrator, select "Administrator".

For details, see Adding or Deleting Space Members.

Screen to change the member configuration

Setting Spaces

Use the Appearance tab to configure the following settings:

  • Space name
  • Whether to make the space private (visible only to the members)
  • Whether to block users from joining/leaving the space and following/unfollowing the threads
  • Cover Photo
    You can click Browse to set the image you want. For details, see "Recommended Size for Cover Photos".
Screen to change appearance

Recommended Size for Cover Photos

You can upload an image file up to 5 MB to be used as the cover photo.
For the Desktop View, the height of the uploaded cover photo is fixed to 64 px and the width is enlarged/shrunk according to the web browser's width.

Therefore, we recommend that you prepare the cover photo image with 64 px in height, and the width equal to or greater than the maximum width of your web browser.
The file configured for the cover photo is enlarged/shrunk to fill the whole image area of the space with keeping the aspect ratio. If a text or or logo in the image is clipped or extended off screen, place it in the middle of the image.