Creating Spaces

Create a space.
Spaces can be added only by users who have permission in Kintone Administration.

  1. In the Kintone portal, click Image and then click New Space.
    When no space is displayed on the portal, you need to enable the space feature from the system administration settings. Image

  2. Select the method to be used to create a space.
    a. Click this to create a space from scratch.
    b. To use a space template to create a space, click a template you want to use. Image If you are using a space template, the process of creating a space ends here.
    The subsequent steps are required only for those who want to create a space from scratch.

  3. If you selected "Create Space from Scratch" in Step 2, you need to specify each option in the "Appearance" tab.

    Field Description
    Space name Enter your space name.
    Guest Space - visible only to space members and invitees. If you want to make the space private, select the check box.
    If selected, the space will be visible only to users who join the space.
    Enable multiple threads. Note: This setting cannot be reverted. Select this check box if you want to allow threads to be added.
    Once you select the check box and save it, you will not be able to deselect it.
    Block users from joining or leaving the space and following or unfollowing the threads. If you select this check box, you can disallow the space members to join or leave the space, and follow and unfollow threads. This also prevents users who are not attendees from joining the space and following the threads.
    Cover Photo Select a cover photo for the space. You can upload an image file to be used as the cover photo.
    The size of the specified cover photo is enlarged/shrunk according to the window size of your web browser.
    For details on size of the image, refer to "Recommended Size for Cover Photos".
  4. If you selected the "Create Space from Scratch" option in Step 2, add space members in the "Members" tab.

    • To add a user, group, or department, specify a user in the Search users field, or use a button Image to select a department or a group.
    • Selecting the "Administrator" check box grants you with the administrator permission for the space. At least one of the members must be specified as an administrator.
    • Selecting the "Include Affiliated Departments" check box allows even the members in affiliated departments to be added to the space. Image
  5. Click "Save".