Using the Mobile App for iOS

On the Kintone mobile app, you can receive push notifications from Kintone. This enables you to check notification quickly while you are out of the office.

Downloading the Mobile App

Download Kintone mobile app on your iOS device.
Go to App Store, search for Kintone, and then tap Get.
Download from App Store

For details on mobile devices supported for the mobile app, see System Information page (Japanese only).

Updating the Mobile App

Download the updated mobile app on your iOS device.
Go to App Store, search for Kintone, and then tap the download icon.
Download from App Store

If you tap the icon of the downloaded mobile app, the existing version of the app is updated.

Setting Up the Mobile App

This procedure is required only when you install the mobile app for the first time.

  1. Tap the icon of the mobile app you downloaded on your iOS device.

  2. Enter a Kintone subdomain that you want to access, and then tap Next.
    The subdomain is represented by the part of the access URL that is in italics below. Entering a subdomain

  3. Do one of the followings depending on your current environment.

    • If your environment requires Basic Authentication: Enter the login name and password for Basic Authentication, and proceed to step 4.
    • If your environment requires SAML Authentication: If you enter the login name and password for SAML Authentication, Kintone is displayed. You do not need to do step 4.
    • If your environment does not require authentication: Skip this step and proceed to step 4.
  4. Enter your Kintone login name and password and then tap Login. Entering a subdomain

  5. If you are prompted to allow the app to send notifications after the mobile version of Kintone is displayed, allow or disallow as needed.

If Errors or Troubles Occur

The most likely causes of errors or troubles that happen when setting the mobile app are as follows:

  • The environment requires client certificate authentication, but no client certificate has been imported.
    For details on how to configure client certificate authentication, see the "Using Client Certificate Authentication on Mobile Devices (or iOS)" page.

  • The login name or password is incorrect.
    For details on how to fix errors, see the "Troubleshooting for Access from iOS Devices" page.

  • Unable to obtain a verification code for two-factor authentication
    If you can access Kintone from your Web browser on your mobile device or PC, open the "Login Name & Password" tab in the "Account Settings" screen, and disable the two-factor authentication. Then, enable the two-factor authentication again to get a verification code.
    If you cannot access Kintone from any device, you need to ask the administrator to disable the two-factor authentication.
    For details, see the "Troubleshooting for Two-Factor Authentication" page.