Using Kintone on Chrome for Android

With the mobile Web browser Chrome for Android, you can use Kintone in a mobile-optimized view without the need to install an additional app.

This page describes how to use Kintone on Chrome for Android.

Accessing Kintone through Chrome for Android

  1. Open Chrome for Android.

  2. In the address field of Chrome, enter your Kintone domain name.

  3. When the login page appears, enter your login name and password to log in.

  4. When the Kintone page appears, tap Kintone.
    Tapping Kintone

  5. You see the mobile view. Screen of the mobile-optimized view

If you are in the desktop view, you can switch to the mobile view by tapping Settings Gear icon at the upper right and Mobile-optimized view. Mobile-optimized view

If You Get an Error

If you receive an error instead of a normal page from Kintone, it probably means that your access was denied due to security settings.
The most likely potential causes are as follows:

  • In Kintone Users & System Administration, IP address restrictions have been configured.
  • The environment requires client certificate authentication, but no client certificate has been imported.
  • The Web browser is not supported. (See System Information (Japanese only).)

To Configure Client Certificate Authentication See "Using Client Certificate Authentication on Mobile Devices (for Android)".
For solutions to errors, see Troubleshooting for Access from Android Devices.