How to check the usage status of guest users

Article Number:040330

You can check the statuses and licenses of guest users in the "Guest Management" screen of Kintone Administration.

Checking "Guest License Usage"

You can check the status such as the number of guest users who need to be licensed and the number of current licenses.

  • Guest Accounts in Trial

The number of users whose status is "Current/License: Trial".
The displayed number is the number of guest users participating in the guest space with "Trial" licenses.

  • Guest Accounts in Use

The number of users whose status is "Active/License: Required".
Licenses are required for this number of guest users.
Note that guest users with "Inactive" status are not included in this number.

  • Available Guest Account Licenses

The number of guest users who are currently licensed.
Service is charged for licensed guest users.

Checking the "Guest Users"

You can check status, guest spaces, license, and so on of each guest user in the guest users list.

There are two statuses, "Active" and "Inactive", for guest users.
Inactive users cannot access guest spaces.

Also, there are three license types, "Trial", "Required", and "Not required", for guest users.
For details, refer to the "What is the difference between Trial / Required / Not Required licenses for guest users?" page.