Is it possible to enter characters of multiple languages in apps and spaces?

Article Number:040312

Kintone supports Unicode (UTF-8) to handle characters.
Therefore, you can use various languages to enter characters into input fields and display them onscreen.
In addition to Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional), we support the following languages as well.
Example: Thai, Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean and so on

You can enter multilingual characters into the following fields.

  • Input fields on various setting screens in apps and spaces
    Example: App name, field names, and option names on the Form setting screen
    After you specify the names, the form displays multilingual characters as you typed them into each input field on the setting screen.
  • Input fields on the screen to add/edit records
    Example: Input fields on forms or comments
  • Input fields for threads or spaces
    You can enter multilingual characters into name and description fields for threads or spaces on the setting screens.

Multilingual support in Kintone is beneficial in the following cases.

  • When you want to make your system environment more user-friendly
    You can use your local language to specify field names in apps or thread names in spaces. By doing this, you can make your system environment more user friendly.

  • When you want to communicate and share information with other users in your local language
    The data and comments for records can be entered in your local language, which leads to lively communications and information sharing with other users in Kintone.

However, non-editable text (system-provided text such as menus, instructions, and messages on the setting screens) will be displayed in any of Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified) or Chinese (Traditional) based on each user’s display language setting.
When you select English as a display language, the system-provided text on the setting screens will be displayed in English. Despite of which display language you select, you can always enter multilingual characters into input fields in Thai, Vietnamese, or other languages.