Enabling E-Mail Notifications by Administrators

Users can receive Kintone notifications via e-mails as well when the E-mail Notifications feature is enabled.
To enable e-mail notifications, the following settings are required:

Steps to Set E-Mail Notifications

  • Set E-mail addresses of users who will receive notifications (set by the Kintone Users & System Administrator or by each user).
  • System administrator enables the E-mail Notifications feature.
  • The app administrator sets notifications for each app as necessary.
  • Each user configures personal settings.

Refer to the following descriptions for details on each setting.

Settings in Kintone Users & System Administration

These settings are configured by a Kintone Users & System administrator (a member of the "Administrators" group).

On the user profiles of e-mail notification recipients, set their e-mail addresses.
Adding or Editing Users (Kintone Help) Image

Settings in Kintone Administration

These settings are configured by a Kintone system administrator.

  1. Open the system administration screen.
    Opening the System Administration Screen
  2. Click "Feature Activation". Screen for Feature Activation
  3. Confirm that the "Activate e-mail notifications" check box is enabled.
    Select the "Default value for the receiving setting" option and the "E-mail Notification Format" option, as necessary.
    Image For details on each option, see the "Setting the Activated Features" page.
  4. Click "Save".

Described above are the E-mail Notifications settings that must be configured by administrators.
Notification settings in an app that you want to use for receiving notifications and individual user's E-mail notification settings are as follows.

App Settings (for App Administrators)

The administrator of each app configures the notification settings of the app to receive notifications, as necessary.
In the notification settings of the app, the administrator can configure various notification conditions.

For example, notifications can be sent to User A when a record is added, or notifications can be sent to the Created by user when the status is changed to Approved. Image

Personal Settings (for Users)

Each user configures E-mail notification settings.
For details, see the "Personal Settings" page. Image