Enabling E-mail Notifications

On Kintone, users receive notifications when, for example, a record is added to an app. Notifications appear on the portal (the home page of Kintone).
Checking Notifications

Users can also receive notifications via e-mail when e-mail notifications are enabled. To enable e-mail notifications, the following settings are required:

  • E-mail addresses of users who will receive notifications (configured by a Kintone Users & System administrator)
  • Enabled setting of e-mail notifications on Kintone (configured by a Kintone system administrator)
  • Notification settings for each app (configured by the administrator of each app)
  • Personal settings (configured by each user)

Settings in Kintone Users & System Administration

These settings are configured by a Kintone Users & System administrator (a member of the "Administrators" group).

On the user profiles of e-mail notification recipients, set their e-mail addresses.
Adding or Editing Users (Kintone Help) Image

Settings in Kintone System Administration

These settings are configured by a Kintone system administrator.

  1. Open the system administration screen.
    Opening the System Administration Screen
  2. Click "Feature Activation".
  3. Select the "Activate e-mail notifications" check box, and choose the e-mail format and the default setting for the users' personal settings.
    E-mail Format
    Select "HTML e-mail" or "Plain text e-mail".
    Example of an HTML e-mail notification:
    Example of a plain text e-mail notification:
    Default Setting for Users' Personal Settings
    Select the default value of the personalized user setting that dictates whether the user receives "To Me" notifications via e-mail.
    The default value that you selected can be changed by each user later.
    Your changes to the default value are applied only to users who have not yet configured their personal settings and users who are added after you change the default value.
    For details on "To Me" notifications, see the following page:
    The Difference Between "To Me" Notifications and Other Notifications
    Other settings
    You may not receive some e-mail notifications if Send REST API notifications by e-mail is disabled. To receive all notifications by e-mail, you need to enable this setting.
    What Can I Do with Send REST API notifications by e-mail?
  4. Click "Save".

App Settings

The administrators of each app can configure the notification settings of the app to receive notifications.
In the notification settings of the app, the administrator can configure various notification conditions.
Setting Notifications

For example, notifications can be sent to User A when a record is added, or notifications can be sent to the "Created by" user when the status is changed to "Approved". Image

Personal Settings

These settings are configured by each user.
Users can specify whether to receive notifications via e-mail.
Setting E-Mail Notifications Image