What is an App Group?

An app group is a group that enables you to manage the permissions of multiple apps collectively.
Every app must belong to an app group.

Predefined App Groups

The following app groups are predefined:

  • Public

    • The app group which is visible to all users (default).
    • You can configure the permissions of the app group to restrict specific users from creating or using apps.
    • You can also restrict user access through individual app settings.
    • In-space apps belong to the "Public". An app in a private space is only accessible to the members of that space.
  • Private

    • The app group which is only visible to the creator of the app.
    • Any user can create an app that is assigned to the "Private" app group, as long as the user has permission to create apps.

Creating and Managing App Groups

You can also create app groups other than "Public" and "Private".
For the app groups you create, you can allow or disallow users, departments, and groups to perform the following actions:

  • Create apps that are assigned to the group
  • Manage, use, and delete apps that are assigned to the group
    Users cannot perform actions that are not allowed by the app group, regardless of whether the actions are allowed by the app's permission settings.

For details on how to create and manage app groups, see the following pages:

Checking App Groups

You can check the app group to which the app belongs from "App settings" page and "Manage app" page.