How to Check the Name and Status of Guests

Only Kintone Users & System Administrators are allowed to check the name and status of guests registered in Kintone.

  1. Click the setting icon gear shaped administration menu icon under the header.

  2. ClickKintone Administration.
    Image showing how to display the Administration screen

  3. Click "Guest Management".

  4. Check "Guest Users" section.
    Image showing the Guest Users
    You can find the following information:

Status of a Guest

Status is displayed either as "Active" or as "Inactive".
Guests with the status "Inactive" are not billed.

Refer to the following page for steps to change the status:
Change the status of a guest

License Type of a Guest

Here is a description of the types of licenses in the guest users.
Image showing the types of guest licenses

License type is displayed as "Trial", "Required", or "Not Required".

  • Trial
    This status is displayed for the guests in the trial period.
    Guest spaces can be used free of charge during this period.
    The trial period is valid for 30 days from the date when users first log in as a guest.
    When the trial period expires, the license type is automatically changed from "Trial" to "Required". Even after the status is changed to "Required", the guests will not be automatically charged.
    If the guests want to continue using the services, Guest Account Licenses needs to be purchased for them.

  • Required
    This status is displayed for the guests who are changed to the billable users after the trial period expires.
    If the guests want to continue using the guest spaces after the expiration of the trial period, the required number of Guest Account Licenses need to be purchased for them.
    For details on how to purchase the licenses, refer to Purchase a Guest Account License.

  • Not required
    Link Account has been activated.
    Guest users can use the service for free when the Link Account is activated.