I want to get other organizations on-board with Kintone.

I like the product, but I want to get my partner organizations also on my Sub Domain. Can this be done? Is it an extra cost? How can I keep our data separated and secure? Should the other organizations just get their own Kintone License, and if so how do we hook up our data for collaborative measures?



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    Excellent Question!

    There are two great ways to make this happen!

    The first being: Create users within your sub domain and apply them all to the same department or user group. Then create a space within your Sub Domain that only that department or user group has access to. This is a quick and easy approach to connecting another organization to your Sub Domain.This requires no extra cost.

          The con: By doing this you will still be the Super Admin of this space. That means their data even though it is separate, means you can still access it as the admin. In some situations that isn't a problem, but in HR or other secure settings it is. Which leads to the next option.

    The Safe Option: Having the other organization purchase their own Sub Domain with Kintone. And then linking the two accounts with a Guest Space. In that guest space you can add applications, threads, and announcements just as you would in a regular space. But when it comes to keeping data safe. This option give the ability for the other organization to create a space on their Sub Domain that is completely protected and controlled. So only the right people are the ones to see and interact with the data.  The cost of this is dependent on the organization that is purchasing a Sub Domain. If the other organization is an NPO like yourself, then the cost will be $300.00 a year. There is no extra cost in connecting guest spaces between existing Sub Domains.

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