Permission Basics

When configuring Permissions in your kintone App, it's important to note that first the App Permissions apply, then the Record Permissions, and lastly, the Field Permissions. There's no need to configure the record permissions or field permissions for a user who does not have permission to access the app. 

For example, in the app below, only John, Jessica, and Jill can view the app:

Only John and Jill can view the records:

And only Jill can view the 'Status' field:

With these permission settings configured, Jessica will be able to click in to the app, but not see any records. John will see all the records within the app, but will not see the 'Status' field on any record. Jill will be able to see all records and all fields. 

Priority of Permissions

Permissions have a top down priority. When there are multiple rows of permissions in the app, record, or field permissions, and the same user is in multiple of those rows, the uppermost row of permissions will take priority.

For example, in the following app permissions, Jill belongs to the Everyone group, as well as the Operations Department. Even though Everyone has the permission to View, Add, Edit, and Delete records, and Operations has the permission to View, Add, and Edit records, Jill will only be able to View records because the permission priority is given to the top row.

Apps in Private Spaces

Only members of a Private Space will have permissions to apps within the Space. Users who aren't members of the Space will not have access to view the app, records, or fields that exist here.

Additional Permission Tips:

  • Available App Permissions- View records, Edit records, Add records, Delete records, Manage app, Import from file and Export from file.
  • Available Record Permissions- View, Edit, and Delete.
  • Available Field Permissions- View and Edit.
  • Record Permissions are where you set permissions based on a field's value. Choose any field from your form and the value, and define permission settings for when the field has that value.

For more information on Permissions, please see the following articles:





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