Saving Column Widths of the View in App Settings

You can save each field’s column width of the record view in App settings. Other users can also use the same view that you adjusted. If each user has configured the Changing View Column Widths, those column width settings have priority. 

Saving Column Widths in App Settings 

  1. Open the record view, and drag the right border line of a field to the desired width.


  1. Click  ellipsis.png  on the upper right side of the screen, and click Save Current Column Widths.
    • Save Current Column Widths only appears for users who have permission to manage the App Settings. 
    • Please note, if you click Reset Column Widths above Save Current Column Widths, you can restore the original column widths.


  1. When "Save Current Column Widths in App Settings" dialog appears, Click Acknowledge & Continue. After clicking, the App settings screen will appear.


  1. In the "Column Width Settings" dialog, click Save.


Please note, field widths displayed in the view are automatically set in "Column width (px)". Generally, you do not have to change these values. However, if you find that any value with a decimal fraction is automatically set, please change it to an integer. You cannot save a value that includes a decimal fraction.

To change the column widths, go back to the record view screen instead of changing "Column width (px)" values in this dialog. Please adjust the widths in the record view screen so you can confirm the visual appearance of the view.

  1. Click Save on the upper left side of the view settings screen.


  1. Click Update App on the upper right side of the screen, and click OK.


The view with adjusted column widths is saved in the App settings. Other users can also use the same view that you adjusted.

Even after you have saved the column widths of the view in the App settings, each user can individually adjust the column widths. The column widths changed by each user are saved on a per login user and per Web browser basis. Also, if each user clicks Reset Column Widths after changing the column widths, the widths saved in the App settings are restored. 

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