Requiring Users to Login Through SAML Authentication

If you have configured SAML authentication, you can require users to be able to log in to Kintone only through SAML authentication. If you enable this setting, users cannot log in using the standard authentication in Kintone.

This setting is disabled by default. When this setting is disabled, the standard authentication in Kintone can be used even after you have configured the SAML authentication.

Please note, the standard authentication in Kintone is the way to authenticate users by entering their login names and passwords registered in Kintone Administration when they log in to Kintone.

Features Only Kintone Administrators Can Use

When log in only through SAML authentication is enabled, Kintone Administrators can still log in to Kintone using the standard authentication when using the URL below. When you log in from the URL below, enter the login name and password registered in Kintone Administration.

URL to disable SAML authentication
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