How to Get a Verification Code

This article is for those who started the free trial on or after September 8, 2019. For details on the start date, see How to Check the Trial Start Date.

Once you enable two-factor authentication, you are required to enter a verification code after entering your password each time you log in.


How to Get a Verification Code

  1. Click Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  2. On the login form, enter the six-digit verification code that the Google Authenticator app generates.
  3. Click Login.

If You Cannot Get a Verification Code

If you cannot get a verification code for reasons such as losing your device, ask your administrator to disable your two-factor authentication setting.

Administrators can disable two-factor authentication from the Edit User page. For further details, see Adding and Editing Users.

If you are an administrator and lost your mobile device, contact us.

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