The mobile version of Kintone provides mobile-friendly user interfaces, such as the navigation menu, so users can easily access the information they need. This page explains how to use the new Kintone mobile UI.

First Time Access

When you access the mobile UI for the first time, a "Welcome to new Kintone mobile!" screen and the message "Tap to open the menu" will be displayed.



Similar to the PC version, the portal will be displayed on the top page. Directly below, you'll find the announcement area, the list of your available apps, and the list of your available spaces.

  • Announcement: Interact with the announcements the same as you would from a browser. Tapping an app listed in the announcement area will navigate you to the relevant app.
  • Apps: Favorite Apps will be displayed at the top of the app list. To add/remove an app from favorites, tap the pin icon.
  • Spaces: Joined spaces will be displayed at the top of the space list.
  • Menu: Open the navigation menu by tapping the menu icon .
  • Notifications: Open and read notifications by tapping the notifications icon Bell.png.


Navigation Menu

From any screen, you can tap the menu icon Menu.png shown on the upper left side to open the navigation menu. From the menu, you can easily access:

  • Display Name: Tapping your display name will navigate to your People page.
  • Settings: Click the gearwheel to access Help or to Logout. 
  • Reload: On Kintone mobile, you can reload the screen. This icon is only displayed in Kintone mobile.
  • Portal: Portal screen will be displayed.
  • Assigned to Me: App names in which you are assigned records will be displayed. The number to the right of the app name signifies the number of records you are assigned to in that app.
  • Search: You can perform a general search in all of Kintone.
  • App: In the list of apps, you can tap the pin icon to add/remove apps to/from your favorites.
  • Space: The list of spaces will be displayed.
  • People: The list of People (other users) will be displayed.



Similar to the desktop version, you can perform a general search in all of Kintone. The search results screen displays results not only from apps and spaces, but also from the contents of attached document files. From the app screen, you can search inside a specific app.



The notification menu Bell.png stays at the top right of each screen, so you can check your notifications any time. The number of unread notifications is displayed in the notification menu.

You can check notifications while you are working in another screen, and go back to the original screen by tapping back Left_Arrow.png. This feature allows you to read notifications without suspending your work.

From the notification screen, you can toggle between Read and Unread, and also can filter notifications by using "To Me", "Flagged", and "All" (or notification filters you created).



Record View

List views and custom views can be displayed. Toggle between "View" and "Graph" to change your display.

On the record details icon Screen_Shot_2019-08-07_at_12.17.51_PM.png, the number of comments on the record is displayed.


Tap the view name to select a different view.


Record Details

From the record details screen, you can edit the record and input your comment at the same time.

The edit button, buttons to advance the process for process management, and app actions are pinned at the bottom of the screen.


App Actions

Next to the buttons to proceed the process for process management, buttons for app actions are displayed. By tapping an action button, a target app is opened in a new tab and you can reuse the record contents.


Process Management

Before proceeding the process, a confirmation screen will be displayed. You can confirm the flow after taking your action.


Action Menu for the App

The action menu for the app can be displayed by tapping the app name. From the action menu, you can move to the top page of the app, or you can add/remove the app to/from your favorites. From the menu menu iconat the bottom left side of the screen, you can add, duplicate, and delete the record.



Search in App

From the record view and record details screens, you can perform a search inside the app. A hierarchical list of links will be displayed in the Search in App screen. Additionally, you can easily scroll to the top page of the app (record view) to perform a  Kintone search.



You can access the Announcement, Threads, Apps, People, and Related Links tabs from the top screen of a Space.


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