Every month, the Kintone Customer Success team hosts a training session exclusively available to our customers. During this time, customers can join to watch the training session and get a chance to ask questions live. Training registration is emailed prior to the scheduled session.

These sessions cover a wider range of topics and provide a nice overview of the features Kintone has to offer. They range from roughly 15-30 minutes. Below you will find training recordings from our previous sessions and associated articles. 

To view a complete list of training videos, visit the Kintone Training Library

User Administration

For more details, see Overview of User Administration

System Administration

For more details, see Overview of System Administration

Kintone Administration

For more details, see Overview of Kintone Administration

App Settings

For more details, see Customizing an App with App Settings. 

Related Records & Lookup Fields

For more details, see Configuring a Related Record and Configuring a Lookup Field


For more details, see Using Spaces, Space Templates, Space Management, and Managing Guest Spaces

Navigating Through Kintone as an End User

For more details, see Getting Started for New Users.

Viewing & Analyzing Data in an App

For more details, see Creating Views, Creating Graphs from App Settings, and Customizing the Portal Announcement

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