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The Kintone Mobile UI is scheduled to update May 2019. Kintone users will have access to a preview version starting Sunday, March 10, 2019. To try the in-development mobile UI, check Enable new mobile UI (preview version) in Feature Activation under Kintone Administration. Please note, only Kintone system administrators can enable the new mobile UI.


  • iOS/Android apps are not available for preview. Use a web browser on your mobile devices to try the in-development mobile UI.
  • Screens and features introduced here are currently under development. The preview version will be updated at any time, and screens and features may be changed in the official release. 


When you first access the mobile UI, the portal is displayed similar to the Desktop View. Under the announcement area, the list of apps are displayed. 


Navigation Menu

If you tap the menu navigation at the upper left side of the screen, the navigation menu will open. You can easily access the following items from the navigation menu.  

  • People (about yourself)
  • Settings
  • Portal
  • Assigned to Me
  • Search Kintone
  • App
  • Space
  • People (other users)

In the list of apps, you can tap the pin icon to add/remove apps to/from your favorites. In any screen, you can tap the menu navigation to open the navigation menu. 

Assigned to Me

If you tap Assigned to Me in the navigation menu, records that need to be processed are displayed with the number of assigned records.
Assigned to me

By using tabs, you can quickly switch record displays, such as details and comments. This new UI allows you to easily confirm record details and contact submitters before you select the necessary action.
Select action

If you tap the button to proceed, a confirmation screen will be displayed. You can confirm the flow after taking the action.

Select action



Like the Desktop View, you can search all of Kintone. Search results include full-text search results as well as apps and spaces. 

Select action


The notification menu notification displays at the top right of each screen, so you can confirm your notifications at any desired time. The number of unread notifications is displayed in the notification menu. 
You can confirm notifications while you are working in another screen, and go back to the original screen by tapping back back. This feature is useful because you can check notifications without suspending your work.  
In the notification screen, you can toggle between Read and Unread, and also filter notifications by using To Me, Flagged, and All (or notification filters you created).

Notification screenSwitch notification filters

Record View

At the time of this March release, only some of the menus will have been renewed. We plan to enable displaying records in the table format like in the Desktop View at the time of the official release. Below is the screen currently under development. 

Action menu for records

Record Details

You can tap tabs to display details, comments, and history. Like in the Desktop View, you can view and edit records while you are writing comments. Edit button and action buttons for process flow are displayed in the fixed position, so that you can press them whenever you like. App contents can be searched by tapping search search. Below is the screen under development. 

Record details 

The action menu for the app is displayed by tapping the app name. From the action menu, you can move to the top page of the app ("Show the record list"), or you can add/remove the app to/from your favorites. 

Record details

From the menu menu at the bottom left side of the screen, you can add, duplicate, and delete the record.

Action menu for records 


In the official release, we plan to provide the same operability of spaces as in the Desktop View. 

Space screen 

How to Try New Mobile UI
Follow the steps below to enable new mobile UI. Only Kintone system administrators can configure this setting.
  1. Access Kintone from a desktop computer.
  2. Click the gear wheel settings" at the upper right of the screen and select Kintone Administration.
Open system administration
  1. Click Feature Activation.
    Open system administration
  2. Check Enable new mobile UI (preview version) under Feature in Development

If you enable this setting, the preview version will be applied to mobile screens for all users. 

Mobile screens of the currently released official version will become unavailable. Screens accessed from iOS/Android apps remain the same as the current official version.

Changing Desktop View to Mobile-Optimized View

To try new mobile UI, use a web browser on your mobile device. Follow the steps below to change Desktop view to Mobile-optimized view.

  1. Access Kintone from web browsers on your mobile devices.
  2. Click the settings menu settings" at the upper right and tap Mobile-optimized view
  3. This menu is not displayed if Mobile-optimized view is already enabled.
  4. If Allow users to switch between mobile-optimized view and desktop view under Default View for Mobile Browsers is not checked in Kintone Administration, Mobile-optimized view menu will not display. For more details, see Default View for Mobile Browsers.
Open system administration

New mobile UI is displayed.

New mobile UI

To return to desktop view, open the settings menu settings" and tap Desktop View.

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