Opening an Audit Log File in Excel

An Audit Log file, which uses CSV file with UTF-8 character encoding, may appear jumbled after being downloaded. The steps outlined in this article will prevent the file from being jumbled when opening in Excel. This example uses Excel 2016.

Please Note:
A CSV file with UTF-8 character encoding is downloaded in the following cases:
  • Download a file which contains Audit Logs less than 6 weeks old.
  • Select CSV (UTF-8) file format and download a file which contains audit logs 6 weeks and older. For details on how to set file formats, see Configuring Audit Log Settings.

How to Open Audit Logs via Excel:

  1. From your computer, open a new Excel Workbook.
  2. From the Data tab, click From Text/CSV in the Get & Transform Data section.

Sample screenshot of Excel

  1. Select the downloaded Audit Log file.
  2. Click Import.
  3. On Text Import Wizard, select:
    • 65001 : Unicode (UTF-8) for File Origin
    • Comma for Delimiters.

Sample screenshot of Excel to import

  1. Click Load.
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