App Keyboard Shortcuts

Increase your productivity and speed with Kintone app shortcuts. Type [ ⇧ Shift ]  +  [ ? ] within a Kintone app to see the available shortcuts or check out the list below.

Shortcuts While in the Record List View

enter: Show details of the selected record

/: Enter search keywords

?: Show or hide this window

c: Add a new record

e: Edit the selected record

j: Move to the next record

k: Move to the previous record

n: Go to the next page

o: Show details of the selected record

p: Go to the previous page


Shortcuts While Viewing an App Form

/ : Enter search keywords

esc : Cancel editing

? : Show or hide this window

c : Add a new record

e : Edit the selected record

g a : Show the default record list view

g i : Show the previous record list view

j : Move to the next record

k : Move to the previous record

Ctrl+s : Save changes

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