With Form Bridge, a paid Kintone add-on by Cstap, you can securely create and connect public web forms with Kintone. Have the add-on and need help? Visit Cstap's Form Bridge help page

What Can You Do With Form Bridge? 

Form Bridge is a user-friendly, secure, and native-to-Kintone public web form solution for creating online surveys, questionnaires, registrations, applications, and more. Simply create your public-facing web form and map the fields to your Kintone database. Now, you can collect the data you need from anyone and instantly import it into Kintone. From there, centralized process management and communication in Kintone becomes seamless with real-time data visualization, task notification and comments from your team.

Form Bridge is the updated product of Form Creator with new features such as conditional branching (also known as skip logic), multi-form option, and flexible form layouts.

Want to check Form Bridge out for yourself? Request a free trial here

kViewer & Form Bridge Integration

When creating a public web form using Form Bridge, data in Kintone can be referenced and pulled with the kViewer integration. For more details, see our kViewer & FormBridge Integration Tutorial

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