Kintone Roam Use Cases

Since this app is currently in Beta testing, you will need the initial installation and ongoing updates via the TestFlight app. Access to the Beta version is only available to select users. If you'd like to be considered for the testing, please email
Note that Kintone Roam is now ONLY AVAILABLE on iOS. 


                         Make your task report easier

                         with Kintone Roam


warehouse-screen.jpg stock-checking-.jpg photo-report-screen.jpg
Take on-site photos, create reports, and send to your team anywhere, anytime. Stay connected with your team members and move your work forward. See all your tasks at a glance and perform them efficiently.



Examples of Roam in Action

The following are only a few examples and we are seeing many other fieldwork scenarios.



     Computer Hardware Retailer                                         

  • Checks today’s tasks before leaving the house
  • Takes photos of the store and report to your boss

  • Discusses with boss on any circumstances using the comment feature. 

       (Also applicable for route sales) 



Design industries


      Interior Designer

  • Takes photos of the interior design and report to your boss for price quotations

  • Take photos before and after work to report to your boss

  • Discuss customer needs with your boss using the comment feature





     On-site Operator 

  • Take photos of the construction site and reports to your boss
  • Check assigned tasks on site
  • Report circumstances to your boss in detail using the comment feature



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