Kintone Roam Essentials

Since this app is currently in Beta testing, you will need the initial installation and ongoing updates via the TestFlight app. Access to the Beta version is only available to select users. If you'd like to be considered for the testing, please email
Note that Kintone Roam is now ONLY AVAILABLE on iOS. 



Kintone Roam Essentials

This guide provides you with the information you need to make the most of your Kintone Roam experience.


One of the most significant features that Kintone Roam offers is Photo-reporting. Field workers and managers can communicate seamlessly by using the Photo-reporting features. To use this feature, you need to create a Photo Report app. The whole process involves Kintone and Kintone Roam. Please note, you cannot create apps from Kintone Roam. You will need to first create a new apps from your desktop. The following explains how.



  1. Create Photo Record App on Kintone.
  2. Add a new record on Kintone Roam
  3. Edit the field from Kintone

 1. Create a Photo Record App in Kintone

  1. From portal home, click Screen_Shot_2018-06-20_at_1.09.58_PM.png next to Apps.
  2. Select Mobile under the Scenario category on the left. 


  1. Select Photo Report and click Add This App.


You have successfully added a Photo Report app in Kintone. Now, let’s test out the features of this app in Kintone Roam.  

2.  Add a new record on Kintone Roam

You can now access your Photo Report App from Kintone Roam. Follow the steps below to add in new records:

  1. From Kintone Roam, click Photo Report from the list of Apps.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2018-06-20_at_1.27.21_PM.png on the bottom right to add a new record.
  3. You will then be taken to a new record screen. From there, fill in the Title and File Attachment fields. 
  4. Once complete, click Save on the top right. You have now registered a new record to your Photo Report app. 


3.  Edit fields from Kintone

Once you have created a new record, you can edit the record from both Kintone and Kintone Roam. On Kintone Roam, all you need to do is tap Edit to change the contents of the record. On Kintone, tap the newly added Photo Record app to see the record details at a glance. When you tap the pencil icon, you can add/delete titles, notes, and files.





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