Using Kintone on a Mobile Device


You can use Kintone on smartphones by using a browser or using the Kintone Mobile app.

When using Kintone on a web browser from your smartphone you can choose to view the webpage in either Desktop mode or Mobile mode.

Please note:

  • Kintone Administrators can disable desktop mode.
  • Guest users cannot use the Kintone Mobile app, they can only use a web browser to access Kintone from their phone.

Features Available While Using a Mobile Browser

While viewing Kintone from a mobile web browser, features vary depending on whether you use desktop view or mobile view.

Desktop View

In the desktop view, you can operate kintone in the same way as you would on a PC.
However, some operations may not work properly for the:

  • App settings page
  • Space settings screen
  • System Administration page

Mobile View

In the mobile view, you can use the following features:

  • General
    • Check notifications
  • App
    • View record lists
    • View graphs
    • Create, view, edit, delete, and search records
    • Post, view, and delete comments
    • Change status of records for apps when the Process Management feature is enabled
    • Check change history of records
    • Add or remove apps to/from favorites
  • Spaces and People
    • Both operate similarly as when accessed from a PC. For restrictions, refer to the next section.

Restrictions on the Mobile View

In the mobile view, there are the following restrictions on available features:


  • You cannot search Kintone in its entirety. 


  • Limitations on displaying record lists:
    • The filter conditions for records cannot be specified.
    • Records cannot be displayed in the calendar view. When the calendar view is specified, the view is displayed in the list view.
    • In the view, only the title of each record is displayed. See Setting Title Fields.
    • "Custom view" cannot be used.
  • Restrictions on changes to record history:
    • Records cannot be restored to the previous version.
  • Restrictions on the graph display:
    • The sum conditions for records cannot be specified.
    • Tables, pivot tables, and periodic tables are not supported.
    • Clicking any element of a graph does not direct you to the "Record List" screen in which filtered records are listed.
    • The summarized result cannot be exported to a CSV file.
    • Embedded tags in summarized results cannot be obtained.
  • Limitations on filling forms:
    • Only plain text (not decorative) can be entered into the "Rich text" field.
  • The app description is not displayed.

Spaces & People

  • In the comment entry field and in the body text entry field for spaces and threads, only the following operations are available:
    • Entering plain text (those that are not decorative)
    • Specifying recipients
    • Attaching files
  • There may be cases where some space settings do not perform properly.

Setting Up the Kintone Mobile App

Depending on the settings configured by your System Administrator for your Kintone subdomain, you may be required to use either Client Certificate Authentication or Basic Authentication. Please check with your System Administrator about Kintone Mobile.

When you are required to use Client Certificate Authentication or Basic Authentication for using kintone Mobile, first check the following table before setting up kintone Mobile.

If you started the free trial on or after September 8, 2019, "Client Certification Authentication" and "Basic Authentication" is not available.

Kintone Mobile Authentication Method Checklist
Client Certificate Authentication
  • From the Mobile Access tab of your Account Settings, under Client Certificate information, check Password.
  • If the client certificate information is not displayed, this indicates that Client Certificate Authentication cannot be used. See Setting Up Kintone Mobile App with Client Certificate Authentication and contact your Kintone Administrator. 
Basic authentication
  • Ask your System Administrator for your username and password for Basic Authentication.

How to Setup the Kintone Mobile App

  1. In your Kintone subdomain click  on the top right.
  2. Click Account Settings and select the Mobile Access tab.
  3. Open the Access via iPhone or Android App menu, and send an email to an email address you check on the smartphone you'd like to install the app from.
  4. Download the Kintone Mobile app.
  5. From your smartphone, open the attachment in the email that was sent. 
  6. The Kintone Mobile app should open. If a Client Certificate is not required, login as normal and you've completed your Kintone Mobile setup.
    • If a dialog appears asking you to select an app to open the file, select Kintone and continue with the steps below.
  7. Follow the prompts from the Kintone Mobile app.
  8. When asked for the password of the Client Certificate or the credentials for Basic Authentication, use the information you obtained from you Kintone Administrator.
  9. Tap Import and enter the password of the client certificate. You've completed your Kintone Mobile Setup.

Turning Smartphone Notifications On/Off

With Kintone Mobile, you can receive "To Me" notifications on your smartphone. By default, this feature is enabled.

On an iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Settings app from your IOS device.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Select Kintone.
  4. Configure your desired Kintone notifications.

On Android Smartphones

To receive notifications on Android smartphones, you must configure the settings in two places.

  1. Kintone Mobile
    1. Open Kintone Mobile and tap , located on the upper right side of the screen.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. In the Notifications field, configure your desired Kintone notifications.
  2. Smartphone Notification Settings
    1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
    2. Open General Settings and tap Apps.
    3. Select Kintone from the app list. 
    4. Tap the Show notifications checkbox to set whether to display notifications.

I Lost My Smartphone! Now What?

If you've lost your smartphone, what you should do varies depending on whether or not you are using Client Certificate Authentication.

Please note, if notifications were configured for the Kintone Mobile App, notifications will still be received on the lost smartphone even if the following actions are taken.

When using Client Certificate Authentication

When a user loses a device with a client certificate installed, a Kintone Administrator needs to disable the client certificate that was issued to the user, and then re-issue a certificate. Upon disabling the client certificate, the user will be logged out from the app.

For details on issuing client certificates, see Using Client Certificate Authentication. Please note, once disabled, the client certificate cannot be re-enabled.

If you started the free trial on or after September 8, 2019, Client Certification Authentication is not available.

When not using Client Certificate Authentication

If Client Certificate Authentication is not being used, change your password immediately. When a password is changed, the mobile app will logout.

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