Kintone Roam β: Installation Guide


About Kintone Roam

The Kintone Roam app is designed to give Kintone account holders a mobile-first user experience of the Kintone platform and specifically intended primarily for in-the-field Kintone users. Certain functionality of the desktop platform has been foregone, while certain functionality, such as photo-recording, has been enhanced. This app does not replace the current Kintone app, which provides a more complete feature and function set with respect to the desktop version, but is an additional, optional user-specific focused app.

Installing the App on your Mobile Device

Since this app is currently in Beta testing, you will need to do the initial installation and ongoing updates via the TestFlight app. Access to the Beta version is only available to select users. If you'd like to be considered for the testing, please email

  1. You will receive a Kintone Roam installation email.


  1. Download TestFlight from the App Store. 


  1. Redeem the TestFlight invitation code you received from your initial email. 


  1. Review the License Agreement in the Information section.


  1. Click OPEN to launch the app.


Connecting to Kintone

Please note, only Kintone account holders can use Kintone Roam. 

  1. Enter your Kintone subdomain name and click Next.
    • Please note, advanced login security methods, such as BASIC authentication or Secure Access (with client certification), are not available for Kintone Roam.


  1. Login with your Kintone Login name and Password.


App Screenshots & Further Explanations 

App Lists


Record Lists


Record Detail



Record Edit


Function Lists

Taking & Viewing Photos:


① Edit mode (camera not on)

  • Display and/or delete existing attached photos 

② Add File mode (camera on)

  • Take photos or select photos from camera roll. Delete attached photos.

③ Camera mode

  • Basic IOS camera functions are available. Multiple consecutive photos not available. Only 1 photo can be updated at a time.

④ Camera roll

  • Choose a photo.

⑤ App Camera function

  • Camera - You can select multiple consecutive photos. Only the rear camera can be used.
  • Photo tile - Up to 100 photos stored in the camera roll can be displayed and you can select multiple tile images.


Sharing a Record:


  1.  Click the Share Icon.
  2. Choose the app in which you wish to share the record and share the selected information.


Logging Out:

  1. Click the logout button on the upper left of the app lists screen.
  2. Click Logout on the confirmation dialog box. 
    • Please note, after logging out of Kintone Roam, you will need to re-enter your login credentials to regain access. 


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