Adding a New Record

Within an app, you can create a new record that is completely new or a duplication of an existing record.

Creating a New Record

  1. From an app, click  to add a new record. 
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Once completed, click Screen_Shot_2018-03-07_at_11.36.50_AM.png.

Duplicating a Record

You can create a new record by duplicating an existing record.

  1. Open the record you would like to duplicate.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2018-03-07_at_11.40.05_AM.png and edit the fields in the form if needed.
  3. Once complete, click Screen_Shot_2018-03-07_at_11.36.50_AM.png.

Please note:

  • When a new record is created by duplicating an existing record, the following fields and data are not copied:
    • Record number
    • Created by
    • Updated by
    • Created datetime
    • Updated datetime
    • Attachment
    • Process Management information (Status and Assignee)
    • Comment
    • History


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