Using Process Management


Process Management allows you and your team to push records through workflows in applications. For more information on configuring, see Configuring Process Management.

To use process management in an app:
  1. Open an app that has Process Management configured.
  2. Click the Show  icon to open a record. 
  3. The Status indicator at the top left appears in each record that meets the branch criteria.
  4. You can click Status History to see the Status History of the record, which initially is None.
  5. If you are an Administrator, you’ll see the Change Assignee button, which lets you use the User Selector to assign this record to a different user. Non-administrators do not see this button.Screen_Shot_2017-07-27_at_11.58.08_AM.png
  6. The Action button appears on the top left of the record. The name of this button will reflect the settings that the app builder has configured for the process.
  7. Click the Action button.
    • In the drop-down, the Next Status section shows the status that will be set if you click Confirm.
    • The Select Assignee section shows the user(s), group(s), or department(s) who can be assigned to work on this record, based on the settings configured.Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_9.19.17_AM.png
  8. After selecting the assignee(s), click Confirm.
  9. The top of the record now shows who it is assigned to, and what the new status is. Click Status History, which now shows who changed the status and when.
  10. The user(s) who have been assigned will receive a notification stating that they have been assigned a task.
  11. Assignees can also see all the records they are assigned in the Assigned to Me section of the home page.  Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_9.15.14_AM.png
  12. Clicking on the app icon in the Assigned to Me section opens the Assigned to Me view of an app, with all records requiring the user's attention.
  13. The assigned user(s) then take the next action, and the process continues.


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