Threads are discussion forums about different topics for team members to collaborate on. Threads are located in Spaces.

A single-threaded space has one discussion thread, and you cannot create more threads. When you are viewing a single-threaded space, the Thread pane is on the right. 
A multi-threaded space can have many discussion threads. When viewing a multi-threaded space, the Threads are located on the top right, and lists all threads in the space.

In a Space, click on a thread to display it. The discussion fills the center of the space. When the list of threads is on the left, the current thread is shown in inverted colors. The thread pane on the right shows the apps and members in the thread. To stop following a discussion, click the Unfollow.

Creating a New Thread

You must be in a multi-threaded space to create a new thread.
  1. Open a Space.
  2. In the Threads section on the right, click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-31_at_9.21.33_AM.png.
  3. On the New Thread page, enter a thread Title.
  4. Type your message and add content in the Body Text area. Use the editing tools described below in Using the Comment Editing Tools.
  5. To add an app, click Attach App and select from the list of apps in the portal to attach an app to your post. You can select the app view or graph to display in the thread.
    • If you select an app, the app name appears in a placeholder in the body text, with the name of the selected view, and options to edit or remove the app.
    • If you select a graph, the graph name appears in the placeholder, with the graph name and options to select the size, edit or remove the graph.
  6. Click Save to create the thread.
  7. The new thread displays in the Space you've created it. It shows the Title, any Body Text, the user who last updated it, and the last updated date & time.
  8. To Edit the thread title and/or body, click the edit title icon, make your changes and click Save.



If the Threads section is not present in a Space.

  1. Open the Space.
  2. Click  located around the top right corner.
  3. Click on Space Settings.
  4. Check the "Enable multiple threads. Note: This setting cannot be reverted." checkbox.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Open the Space once again.
  7. Threads now should show up on the right side of the Space.



Deleting a Thread

  1. Open the Thread you wish to delete.
  2. Click  and choose "Delete This Thread".

Please note: 

  • A thread can only be deleted by the user who created the thread or by the administrator of the space to which the thread belongs.
  • Threads automatically created upon space creation cannot be deleted.


Following a Thread

Notifications can be received for threads that you follow.

  1. Open a Thread you would like to follow.
  2. Click Follow, located on the right side of the screen. 

Unfollowing a Thread

  1. Open the Thread you'd like to unfollow.
  2. Click Unfollow, located on the right side of the screen. 


Using the Comment Editing Tools
When you create a new thread or click in the Write your comment… box in an existing thread, the tools for editing text and attaching files and graphics opens. Use these tools to edit the body text and add content to a new thread or to add comments in an existing thread.
  • To call attention to a specific person, group, or department, click Mention and start typing the name of the user, group, or department. The mentioned user, group, or department will receive a notification.
  • Use the formatting tools to format the text. Hover the mouse over the tool to see the tool tip explaining the function of each formatting tool.
  • Click attach file to attach a file to your post. Browse to the file and select it. Document files appear as placeholders with a document graphic and the filename. Graphic files appear in the body with options to select the size or delete it.
  • To add an emoji or graphic, click emoji and select from the lists of graphics.
  • Click a picture to view it, and click close the view to close the view.
  • Click a document to download it.

Adding a Comment to a Thread

Once a thread is created, you can add comments.
  1. Open a Thread.
  2. Click in the Write your comment… box to display the editing tools.
  3. Add your comment and click Post, or click Cancel to cancel.
  4. To Delete the comment, hover over the comment until you see delete comment. Click it to remove your comment.  You can delete only the comments that you created.



Replying to a Comment in a Thread

After you or another user has posted a comment, you can reply by doing the following:
  • Click like to show you liked the posting.
  • Click reply to reply to it. 
  • Click reply to all to @mention the commenter and @mention who have been mentioned in the comment in your reply.
  • Hover over the time stamp to display more functions.
  • Click Permalink to display the URL to the comment, which you can copy and use. To view the whole permalink, copy it to a text file.
  • Click action to view any Actions associated with this thread, edit actions, and create new actions. For more information on Actions in threads, see Creating an Action in a Thread.


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